Lords of Fantasy:

The Lords of Fantasy is the first 15MM line of figures for Lonegunman Games. All the figures are sculpted by Whiffwaff. Height measurements are from the bottom of the base to the top of the head unless otherwise noted

Lords of Fantasy Adventurers
Lord of Fantasy Iron Golems
Lord of Fantasy Monkeymen
Lords of Fantasy Hairy Beasts
Human Adventurer with Axe and Shield

 LFA001 Adventurer: Human male with axe and shield and stands 17MM tall

Dwarf Warrior with Axe

 LFD001 Dwarf Warrior with Axe, stands 15MM Tall

Human Wizard

 LFA002 Adventurer: Human Wizard stands 20MM tall

Barbarian with Axe

 LFB001 Barbarian male with Axe, stands 20MM tall

Elf Bowman

 LFE001 Elf Bowman, stands 20MM Tall

Lords of Fantasy Sample Pack

LFpack1 Lords of Fantasy Sample pack contains one of each figure

Monkeymen with Clubs Set

LFM001 Lord of Fantasy Monkeymen with Clubs set of 4 figures. These Stand between 14MM and 17MM tall.

Hairy Beasts

LFM002 Lords of Fantasy Hairy Beasts set of 4 figures. These Stand between 16MM and 21MM tall.

15MM Iron Golems

LFM003 Lords of Fantasy Iron Golems Assortment of 4 figures. These stand 14MM tall

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