While waiting for molds to be finished finally this year I managed to drag something else off the drawing board. Our new gaming E-zine dedicated to all things gaming, Playgames Magazine. It is a free magazine that can be downloaded via the store or at the backup site listed on the Playgames Magazine webpage.

This is our first attempt at anything like this so please excuse the quality of the layout and the editing. I was working within the limitations of the software that I had available and it decided to start causing more errors then I could fix, so I had to stop and save it in its current form. Some of the articles came from people who's first language is not English, so there may be some grammatical errors that I did not catch.

I hope to take what I learned from this first one and improve upon the next issue, Anyone wishing to contribute tot he future issues please send us a message. Advertising is also free, so if you have something to promote please feel free to send us that as well.

You can find the webpage for the magazine here...