Lonegunman Games was created in the fall of 2008 to be the new home of the Armies of Arcana line of miniatures Designed by Thane Morgan and sculpted by Sandra Garrity. We hope to add to these magnificent figures in the coming years as time and money permits.


LGG is the new division of a much older company J H Enterprise's Which was started in January of 2001 and has been a recognized retailer in Games and related products. Our interest in the field of recreational gaming goes back much further and covers a wide variety of games.


For convention sellers and Retailers interested in carrying the AoA line of miniature please feel free to contact us at the Address below.






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Armies of Arcana Painted Chaos Knights on mounts
Armies of Arcana Painted Chaos Knights on foot
Armies of Arcana Painted Wolfen Swordsmen
Armies of Arcana Painted Amazons on Panther Mounts

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